How To Get Law Firm Leads

That Actually Convert Into Clients

I’m guessing you’re here because you feel stuck with your law firm’s growth, but the problem is 93.3% Of Law Firms Cannot Get Digital Marketing To Work (yes, that’s 14 out of 15 law firms!)

So how do you become the 1 firm that gets multiple new cases every week?

I remember when the concept of “internet leads” first came out, getting new clients was easy. When someone made an inquiry, they were usually ready to hand over their credit card.

All you needed was a website and a bit of traffic.

If you were online, clients automatically trusted that you were ahead of the curve and your service was on-point.
Now, with how easy it is to create a landing page and get Google to send you some traffic, your clients know better than to trust the search results or social media.

They’ll look, but they won’t buy.

Law Firm Marketing has changed a lot and yet even “full service” agencies have remained the same for the last 10 years or more: Traffic + Landing Pages.

What nobody talks about is that it doesn’t matter what social or search platform you use, or how clever the technology, it can NEVER produce high quality leads.

Not anymore. Not when potential clients don’t trust ANYONE.

To make matters worse, there is a top 1% Law Firm on EVERY advertising platform getting new clients every week.
Sure... I can give you a ton of leads but if you’re like 93.3% of law firms who have not yet cracked the digital marketing code, you might see that “just more leads” is the WRONG CHOICE for you.

The most likely outcome is you will get frustrated by hundreds of “poor quality leads,” feel burned by another agency, and become jaded with Google, Facebook or whatever “newest platform” is trending.

If more leads were what you needed right now,

you’d already have a massive business

You can readily buy good quality leads, you could even pay someone to "brute force” it and sift through a bunch of low-quality leads for the winners, plus there are a thousand marketing agencies running ads to get leads.

But you want more...

I know I wanted stability, predictability, consistency, a lifestyle... and to be able to hang out with my rich friends without thinking twice.

In reality, it starts with you as the Law Firm Owner. If you:

  1. Feel stuck or have hit a growth plateau

  2. Haven't been able to get digital marketing to work

  3. Have been burned before (or more than once)

  4. Tried Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and it didn’t work

  5. Feel like internet leads never convert like referrals

  6. Are unsure about the next best steps

Then the first step in growing your firm is to take EXTREME OWNERSHIP and RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for the growth you want.

Right now, your firm is a direct reflection of you...

◆ Of your risk tolerance

◆ Of your habits

◆ Of your priorities

◆ Of your interests

◆ Of your beliefs

◆ Of your actions

Which means you have the ability to change this, QUICKLY... and you MUST!

● For your Team

● For your Family

● For your Future Self

To get quantum growth in your firm, you have to start asking the right questions...

Don’t ask WHAT I need to do to have a Top 1% Law Firm... Ask WHO do I need to become so that it happens effortlessly?

The Secret To Becoming A Top 1% Law Firm Is Acting Like One

The instant you start acting like a 1% Law Firm, is the moment your lifestyle turns around for the better.

But no human can ACT a certain way for long without first BEING that way internally.

Your actions ALWAYS line up with who you are over time.

Hitting an upper limit in your Law Firm is not strategic. It’s not even tactical.

It’s when you make the mental shift to taking the right actions that growth becomes exponential in a very short period of time.

The leads, systems, landing pages, ads, procedures, trust-building activities, and hiring templates, can all be provided...

but the defining factor of your success is ENTIRELY based upon if you’re operating like a top 1% business owner, or like a lawyer.

Think about it, if you prioritised scalable, business building

activities each day for 90 days, where do you think you would be at

the end of that time?

What to focus on?

Where do you get your most leverage?

Don't worry, I’ve got you covered.

Our Legal Clients On Command Program guides you through the correct, battle-tested process to build your law firm quickly and supports you as a BUSINESS OWNER, not just a Lawyer.

Even when everything else you’ve tried has failed

In fact, most clients are seeing results within 90 days.

Our Secret To Success

We know that a focus on transformation rather than tactics or strategy creates a faster PATH to results.

We believe that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a meal, if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.

We focus on giving you the tools AND the next-level mindset to catapult your law firm to the next level.

One cannot exist without the other. Tools alone cannot change the habits that got you to your current situation, nor can mindset alone help without clear tactics and strategy, so we provide both.

Who is this for?

This is for Law Firm Owners who are...

  • Ready To Take Extreme Ownership Of Their Firm’s Growth

  • Ready To Step Up And Lead Their Business

  • Have Humility

  • Are Ready To Admit They Need Help To Get To Their Next Level

  • Ready To Transform Themselves Because It's The RIGHT Thing To Do, Not To Manipulate An Outcome

  • Are Coachable

  • Are Willing To Put Commitment Over Convenience

  • Are Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

  • Understand That ONLY They Can Do The Internal Work As The Leader Of Their Firm

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for Firm Owners who are

  • Whingers, Whiners And Excuse Makers

  • Slow To Take Action

  • Blamers and Accountability Dodgers

  • Looking For A Magic Pill Or Quick Fix

  • Owners Who Know Everything

  • Willing To Commit IF Convenient

  • Think We Will Do The Work For Them

Legal Clients On Command Process

  1. Lead Generation
    a. Trust – creating a trust ecosystem

    b. Traffic – getting more high quality clients to see you

    c. Tech – setups for lead generation

  2. Convert Process Implementation

    a. Automation – systems to do the heavy lifting

    b. Outsourcing/Insourcing – staff to handle tasks lawyers should never do

    c. Lead Quality Improvement – how to close more inquiries into cases

  3. Transformation
    a. Identify Limiting Beliefs – where are you not taking a leap that’s essential for your next level

    b. Uproot Core Issues – work to find the underlying cause and remove it

    c. Rewire for Ongoing Success on Autopilot – put in place the beliefs that accelerate your success

I'm Ryan, Your Marketing Coach

Before you even think about trusting me, let me share a few things about myself

Back in 2004 I fell into business as a broke university student when a deal with some acquaintances went bad.

I know what it’s like to start from nothing, to be so broke I couldn’t afford to buy milk, or a car, or basic necessities like food.

I had one good shirt that I would wear when I went out and borrow my grandmother’s car for meetings.

I realised I couldn’t do it alone

I spent the money from my first two sales hiring a business coach – I still remember the sting of how hard that was.

A few months in, he bought me two bags of groceries because he could see I was out of food.

Under his guidance I started sending well-crafted letters to attract new clients because that’s what you did back then. Google was in its infancy and Facebook had started the same year.

Having a website was ahead of the curve.

By my mid-20's I was running a million-dollar web design agency... but was flat broke. I spent any profit on what I considered much-needed staff, new systems, fancy marketing, and the best tactics.

I realised that unless you are a multi-millionaire on the inside,

it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you’ll find a way to

keep within your comfort zone.

I had all the tactics but I couldn’t grow any further.

Once I realised that “I” was the one holding my business back, I hired a peak performance coach to help me work through some of the limiting beliefs.

● Self Worth... unless I had worth, how could my team and my clients see my worth?

● Financial Thermostat... it was set really low on a personal level
● Self Sabotage – every time I’d get a big win, I would find some way to mess it up (sometimes in another area of life)
● Chasing Shiny Objects – not settling within my core competency but thinking there was always another tactic or strategy I needed

● And plenty more that needed to be overcome

As I worked through these I very quickly started to see transformation, and not just in my business, with my wife, with my kids, and with my health. With my general enjoyment of life.

It turns out your whole life is a 3D printout of who you are inside.

And all the while I was making a lot of money, I just wasn’t keeping any of it.

It turned out I was pretty good at marketing, getting the leads and clients was the easy bit. The hard part was being the business owner first, before being a marketer.

I could see others suffering the same things and I wanted to help

I could see that MOST business owners were struggling with the same things, so I started helping them grow their business... and helping them contain the personal mess that their success created.

I knew there was a solution, I knew a different path and I wanted to share it.

You see…

Business is not a skill that is taught in school, not REAL, practical business growth.

And that's why I do what I do…

You don't need to suffer, there is another way other than totally sacrificing yourself, there is a shortcut, it takes work, but it’s faster than figuring it out the hard way.

Schedule a call now, and start the process of transforming not just your law firm, but your life.

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